Light and Heavy Duty Lift Racks

We Offer a Comprehensive line of Hunter Alignment Lift Racks including scissor, 4-post, pit racks, and RKHD power racks. 

Hunter Drive On Lift

Four Post Lift Racks

Hunter’s Four-Post Lift Family offers high capacity open and closed front alignment racks. They feature class-leading capacity (up to 18,000 lbs.), two length choices and optional PowerSlide and Inflation Station drive productivity.

Other key features include:

  • Two swing air jacks
  • Integrated air line kit
  • Louvered locks
  • Umbilical covering
  • Open front
  • Extra-wide runways
  • Two movable work steps
  • Flush slipplates
  • Louvered ramps
  • Optional FIA
Hunter Light Duty Pit Rack

Light Duty Pit Racks

Hunter’s Pit Racks for passenger cars and light trucks offer ergonomic design optimized for alignment, two length choices and low maintenance.

Other key features include:

  • “Walk-around” pit
  • Wide coverage
  • Swing air jack
  • Air line kit
  • Optional integrated inflation reels
  • Optional stainless steel turnplates


Hunter Heavy Duty Pit Rack

Heavy Duty Pit Racks

Hunter Heavy Duty Pit Racks for Trucks and buses offer ergonomic design optimized for alignment, two length choices and three depth choices.

Other key features include:

  • Large capacity (18,000 to 10,000 lbs. axle load)
  • Slide out worksteps
  • Adjustable width pedestals
  • Flush turnplate pockets
  • Removable runway bridges
  • Jacking beam rails (PT) or Workbeam (PF and PE)
  • Built-in wide angle wheelstops
  • Steps and risers for easy access

Hunter Scissor Lifts offer Maximum Productivity in Minimum Space Situations

Along with their quality workmanship and top-of-the-line material and parts,Hunter Scissor Lifts feature:

  • Extra-wide runways
  • An integrated air line kit
  • Two movable wok steps
  • Louvered ramps
  • A patented controls system
  • Two swing air jacks
  • A sensor feedback system

Additionally, lifts may be flush-mounted in a shallow recess. No more worries about lowered vehicles or expensive spoilers! This very tidy installation is ideal for “showcase” shops.

Hunter’s integrated AlignLights lighting system provides an efficient light source underneath the vehicle.

Plus, Hunter’s dual-capacity lifting system offers the ground-clearance advantages of a standard-capacity lift to handle most vehicles.

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