I have retired from Ray-Jurgen.  It has been a long way from 9/1/1997, the day I started working here.

Now that retirement is here, I get to do all the things I’ve dreamed of doing. First and foremost, spend more time with my family: Joanne my wife, Mike our oldest son, Naomi our daughter and son in law Pat, and Jeremy our youngest son. Our grandchildren are Mike’s daughters, Casey and Emily, Naomi and Pat’s children Bryce and Morgan. And of course, Maggie our dog.

My interests are walking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, gardening, and reading, which I share with Joanne.


I am proud to have worked at Ray-Jurgen and be part of a team that grew the company. Joe and Peg Palfini moved the company from a small office in Plainville to our current 2-building office and storage site. This facilitated the future growth that would occur. They also saw a change coming in the light duty lift business and begin bidding large construction jobs.

Pat, Rick, and Kevin Thibadeau continued the growth focusing on bidding jobs. Of note they did the Ct Transit Hartford job with O&G and the CT Transit job in Watertown.

Now, Mark Porto has changed the company culture by implementing EOS. All employees embrace our core values and our goals to grow the company. We have a platform for issue solving. With the purchase of Rondout lift, the company has already seen growth. I was enthused to help integrate them into our company.

I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had. I was part of the initial ALI group to start the certification for 2 of our techs, Bob Brown and Arthur Witkowski. We now have 6 ALI certified techs. I was the responsible person to run the ALI program for Ray-Jurgen.

I am thankful to all my co-workers, both office and operations staff. We did a good job of keeping the shuffle going for our customers.

My contact details are easy. I’ll still be around part time either on site or remotely focused on helping the team with its thorniest technical issues.

Many thanks and continued success to the Ray-Jurgen Family.