Exhaust Removal Systems

 Exhaust Removal Systems from Nederman, Eurovac and Harvey.

In-Ground Exhaust Removal Systems

Harvey in-ground systems are considered the premier method of fume extraction. Efficient, cost effective, trouble-free and very unobtrusive. The polymer under-floor fitting, exclusive to Harvey Industries gives you a lifetime of trouble free performance. No more cave-in’s when the fitting rusts thru!

From EuroVent, we offer a unique, “saddle-style” disappearing in-ground exhaust system. This system offers a 3-piece telescoping design and provides up to 5″ of adjustability, making installation easier and faster.

Features include:

  • Telescoping design makes final adjustments easier
  • Makes exhaust duct depth less critical
  • Eliminates need for additional extension pieces
  • Flared connections allow the hose to slide smoothly
  • Oblong mounting holes on saddle allow for horizontal adjustment

EuroVent in-ground system has a 3-step finishing process for superior corrosion protection, and their patented, state-of-the-art “Rubber Door Design” offers a product that is simple in design reliable in use.

We also carry Nederman’s wide range of products and systems for all types of vehicles and any kind of vehicle workshop.

Nederman has cost-effective products and complete system solutions for vehicle exhaust extraction, on-tool dust extraction and on-torch welding fume extraction.

Questions? Contact a Ray Jurgen exhaust removal system expert today at 877-480-LIFT (5438).

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Overhead Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Overhead Vehicle Exhaust Systems keep your air clean and your shop neat.

We specialize in above-ground rail systems with retractable sliding exhaust hose reels or telescoping drops. Our systems – from Harvey Industries and EuroVent – are the premier systems in the industry, and we back the reliability and affordability of these systems with our own quality control!

Suspended Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Ideal for retro-fits, the suspended systems are available from 3″ Neoprene hose thru 6″ high-temperature Silicon Fiberglass reinforced hose. Systems include hose, Adapter fitting to vehicle and adapter fitting to duct work stub. Accessories include pull-up systems, additional hose and fittings.

Telescoping Exhaust Drops

Harvey telescoping drops offer the benefit of neat appearance with maximum flexibility.

Three lengths of lightweight flexible tubing slide one into another, giving the appearance of one 6′ length of tubing attached to the overhead duct. The bottom length of tubing and tailpipe adapter are non-crush neoprene rubber. Available in 3″ and 4″ sizes.

Exhaust Hose Reels

The Harvey Automatic Retractable Hose Reel offers one of the most convenient methods available for extracting harmful exhaust fumes and gases for all types of service areas. The carbon spring operated hose reel is designed for years of trouble free service and can be adapted for use with ALL TYPES of vehicles. The exhaust hose supplied with the reel is fabricated of Silicone Fiberglass with an internal wire helix and rubber coated. It is high heat resistant to 600 degrees and meet US Military and commercial specifications as well as United States Air Force requirements for high temperature stability.

Exhaust Rail Systems

A smooth singular extruded aluminum rail traverses the shop providing mobility and quiet efficient exhaust extraction. Bearing mounted carriage moves to the point of need, eliminating the “jungle” of hanging hoses.Systems include hose, Adapter fitting to vehicle and rolling adapter, ductwork. This clean aesthetically pleasing design has been adopted by the shop designers as the ideal combination of functionality and clean appearance.

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