The Best Maintenance Facility Design Guaranteed!

At Ray Jurgen We Guarantee the Best Maintenance Facility Design your fleet has ever known.

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From Vehicle Maintenance Facility Design to Equipment Installation, we cover all the spaces!

Experienced Equipment Consultants

You’ve stared to plan for an update to your service area and you have lots of questions.  “Is this the most efficient layout for service area?,” “What could I do to make my inventory work better?,” “How can I improve my customers’ experience?.”  Answering these questions, and the many you haven’t even thought of, are part of Ray-Jurgen’s comprehensive vehicle maintenance facility design and construction package.

From siting for a new facility or assessing an existing shop, to cutting the grand reopening ribbon, Ray-Jurgen’s experienced design team will be with you every step of the way. We offer in-house CAD capabilities and have become a trusted turnkey resource for architects, engineers, dealer principals/managers and general contractors.

With over 80 years of Combined Experience in Automotive, Truck and Transit Facility Planning, Design and Construction, we’ve built hundreds of successful repair spaces throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Whether your an independent repair shop, auto dealership or a mass transit facility, why wonder if you’re getting the right answers? Guarantee that your shop will have the best maintenance facility your fleet has ever known.

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