Heavy Duty Wheel and Tire Equipment

 Hunter Heavy Duty Equipment to keep your fleet running smoothly

Hunter Engineering Heavy Duty Tire Changer
Hunter Heavy Duty Tire Changer working with a tractor tire

Hunter Heavy Duty Tire Changers

We feature the Hunter TCX635 as the best option for most Heavy Duty clients.  It truly is a game changer and we routinely see customers’ jaws drop when they see it demonstrated.  Most impressively, it handles 19.5″ wheels like they’re nothing.

Operator-friendly design

  • Low risk – No hammers, no bars, no lifting very heavy tires
  • Low service height – Easy to roll on and no fear of tire falling off during demounting
  • Optional ramps – Popular “plus” model includes ramps, and mounting bar

Superior wheel accomodation

  • Easy match mounting – Rotate tire on rim when needed for the smoothest ride
  • Specialty rim friendly – Standard hook can be used to mount and demount challenging tires and rims without fear of damage
  • Simple controls – Easy to use levers control all operations in a convenient and safe operator position
  • Versatile jaws – Secure small center holes, thick wide based allow wheels, centerless wheels, and much more

Powerful tools to assist

  • Fast and easy rollers – Most tires can be pushed on and off, no switching tools
  • Inner “drop roller” – Speeds service times, never a need to remove to make room
  • Hydraulic carriage – Maximum power and fast tool positioning
Hunter Engineering Heavy Duty Tire Changer
Hunter Heavy Duty Tire Changer working with a tractor tire

Hunter Heavy Duty Wheel Balancers

The HD Elite Wheel balancer is the fastest floor-to-door balancer on the planet.  It combines the best of Hunter’s RoadForce Elite with the prior generation HD Forcematch to deliver the best balancing experience in the industry while taking 20% less time than its peers.  The HD Elite will automatically measures dimension and runout as soon as you pull down hood – no need to enter numbers.

Features at a glance

  • Measure runout and balance faster than any traditional balancer.
  • Eliminate error opportunities with the patented laser vision system.
  • Solve vibration problems by detecting and matching the high spot of the tire using the diagnostic load roller.
  • Ensure proper centering with patented automatic CenteringCheck®.
  • Maximize efficiency using SmartWeight® technology.
  • True self-calibration with patented eCal auto-calibration.
  • Wheel lift assists up to 500-lb. assemblies and provides proper mounting.
  • Service car and light-truck assemblies as well.

Automatic features reduce effort and errors

  • Eliminate manual dimension entry and runout measurement
  • Automatically select weight mode
  • Hide wheel weights through patented algorithms

Touchscreen controls – powerful controls and real-time 3D graphics at your fingertips

  • One-touch to display rim dimensions
  • Rim cutaway displays selected weight mode
  • Switch text language with the push of a button
  • TruWeight™ provides live navigation through selection and placement of wheel weights
  • ForceMatch® panel displays assembly runout value and limits
Hunter Engineering Heavy Duty Tire Changer
Hunter Heavy Duty Tire Changer working with a tractor tire

Hunter Heavy Duty Alignment Systems

The WinAlign® HD Alignment System is the ONLY 6-sensor HD aligner in the world and it is changing the the trucking industry by generating previously unobtainable business for service centers and in addition providing owner/operators and fleet owners tens of thousands of dollars in tire and fuel savings.

Save valuable shop time

  1. Position vehicle
  2. Select vehicle
  3. Mount sensors
  4. Roll forward to compensate
  5. Steer caster
  6. Print results


3:00 total


    3-axle alignment readings in 3 minutes

    Minimal setup time

    HD QuickGrip® Adaptors allow for fast installation and no metal-to metal contact.

    The fastest procedure

    Hunter can capture heavy-duty wheel alignment readings in three minutes.

    Fast printouts

    Easy-to-understand printouts help sell service.

    Make rolling compensation easy

    Hunter’s truck pusher allows technicians to effortlessly move the truck from the rear axle for rolling compensation.

    • Small & convenient for technicians
    • Powerful motor with rechargeable battery
    • Double as wheel chock
      Hunter Engineering Heavy Duty Tire Changer

      Hunter Heavy Duty Unmanned Quick Check Drive Inspection Station

      The World’s first drive through HD-alignment inspection solution. It obtains Automatic Alignment and tread depth results in seconds – not hours – game changer HD Quick Check Drive feature: it provides total toe, tandem scrub measurements even on multi-trailer configurations and super single tires. With our Quick Tread Heavy feature: measures tread depth and instantly displays results

      Fleet operators – Take control of your fleet

      Service businesses – speed up your equipment ROI

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