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Hunter Inspection Lanes automatically check wheel alignment, tire inflation, battery health, tire tread depth, braking balance, and provide diagnostic codes.


Hunter Quick Check Inspection System

Hunter’s Quick Check™ inspection system identifies repair opportunities in less than 3 minutes!

Quickly and accurately inspect a comprehensive list of vehicle services including:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Stopping Check
  • Emissions
  • Battery Health
  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Health

With Quick Check™ inspection system, you also get easy-to-follow customer printouts and custom configuration options suited for your shop.

Hunter Quick Step Inspection Lanes - INSPECTION LANES
Hunter Light Duty Inspection Lane - INSPECTION LANES

Hunter Computerized Light Duty Inspection Lane

Present complete brake and alignment test results to your customer in less than one minute!

Inspection Lane Advantages:

  • Much faster and more thorough than visual inspection.
  • No need to lift the vehicle or remove wheels.
  • Accurately measures vehicle as it performs on the road.
  • Easy-to-understand printouts help sell service.
  • Customizable configurations designed to meet your specific shop needs.
  • Surface-mounted system makes installation simple, relocation easy.
  • Low-profile design keeps write-up area clear.
Hunter Heavy Duty Inspection Lane - INSPECTION LANES

Hunter B400T/SS100T Heavy Duty Inspection Lane 


This heavy duty system measures brake balance and sideslip on multi-axle vehicles.

The Hunter B400T utilizes PC-based technology to measure braking forces for every brake on multi-axle vehicles such as tandem-axle tractors, tractors and semi-trailers, and two-axle vehicles, including passenger cars, buses and light trucks.

Drive the vehicle onto plates and apply the brakes. Precision load cells automatically measure braking forces and dynamic weight. As each axle is tested, results are displayed on the color monitor. Results are automatically stored and can be printed out at the end of the test . . . all in 60 seconds or less!

The Hunter SS100T measures sideslip, or tire scuff, on heavy-duty vehicles. Sideslip indicates incorrect toe settings on steer axles and excessive tandem scrub angles on tandem or multi-axle vehicles. Sideslip can also be caused by other mechanical problems.

The system tests tandem-axle tractors; tractors and semitrailers; tractor, semi-, full-trailer combinations; multi-axle vehicles; buses; and two-axle vehicles including passenger cars. Vehicles with up to 5 axles can be measured in a single test sequence.

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Hunter Vehicle Inspection Equipment

Provide your customers with a quick, completely transparent experience. Hunter’s cutting-edge vehicle inspection equipment powered by award-winning WinAlign® software offers fast and honest results designed to fit your shop.

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