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Ray-Jurgen maintains the largest stock of light duty lifts and mobile column lifts because when you need a lift, you really need one.  Our focus is on keeping our customers running smoothly, so we keep lifts on hand for those situations.  In this day and age of supply chain constraints, availability is key!  Many of our customers are asking what we have available for sale, so we thought we’d make the list public to help out.  We have dozens of lifts in stock in our warehouse across the models listed below.

SP010 Rotary


Two Post Lift – SPO10 | Shockwave™ Available | Symmetric Lift

Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

For over 30 years, Rotary Lift has built quality into every two-post they’ve designed. The SPO10 has proven this time and time again. With features like the original single piece “double S” shaped column, true asymmetric columns, three-position flip-up adapters, available 3-stage arms with thread-up or truck adapters and extended height models, the SPO10 delivers everything your shop needs. Need a little more speed in your shop? Supercharge your lift with Shockwave™ and get 2x faster rise and descent, Spotline™ assisted vehicle spotting, and 110v DC power. With so many choices, why would you look anywhere else?

Trust The Industry Standard Symmetrical 10,000 lb. Two Post

  • True Symmetrical column design
  • Customizable with your choice of arms and adapters
  • Extended height models available for added versatility
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPO10X)

Available with Shockwave™ (SPO10SW). Designed Specifically For Bays Where Service Speed Is Paramount, Shockwave Equipped Lifts Are The Fastest In The World!

  •  2X Faster Rise And Decent
  •  DC Power With Onboard 110v Charger
  •  Spotline™ Motion Activated Laser




Two Post Lift – SPOA10 | Asymmetric Lift | Shockwave™ Available

Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

The world’s best selling asymmetrical lift is updated to service a broader range of vehicles – with one innovative arm design!

  • Patented two-piece, three-stage arm
  • Vehicle Spotting Speed & Ease
  • Performance tested to 20,000 lift cycles
  • True asymmetrical rotated column design
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPOA10TrioX)


Rotary MCH 418

Rotary MACH 18k

Mobile Column Lift – MACH| Wireless Mobile Lifting System


Capacity: 18,000 lbs. per column.  Configure sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8 columns

Rotary’s MCH wireless mobile column lift gives you the power and mobility to make your repairs anywhere in your shop. With our battery operated columns with internal charger – no power cords to clutter up the service bay improving portability. The MACH’s automatic steering system saves valuable time by removing the need to manually pump the jacks up to move the columns. The design of each column gives you the option to control the MCH418 from any column. All these options give you a mobile column that is easier to use and frees up your shop for more profits!

  •  Exclusive intuitive control system on each column
  •  Battery operated (24v DC) with onboard 110v charger
  •  Configure sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8 columns
  •  Available with wired configuration
  •  ALI Gold Certified

Rotary MACH FLEX 14 & 18.8k

Mobile Column Lift – Flex MAX | Powered by RedFire™

MCHM14 & MCHM 19

Capacity: 14,000 or 18,800 lbs. per column.  Configure sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8 columns

The latest and greatest in heavy duty lifts, shops are choosing the Flex MAX wireless mobile column lift because it offers the ultimate in mobility, versatility, and flexibility. It provides remote-controlled flexibility plus added operational controls at each column giving technicians the choice to work in the most comfortable, productive and efficient way possible.


  • Powered by RedFire™
  • Flex MAX single column controls allow users to set up and cycle lifts from any column
  • Wireless remote-controlled system for easy mobility and control of all columns anywhere in the bay
  • Accommodate everything from light-duty passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks
  • Each column includes LockLight™
  • Digital gauges display vehicle height and weight
  • ALI Gold Certified

Forward DP10A

Two Post Lift – DP10A | Asymmetric Lift

Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

Incorporating a low-profile design, the DP10A 10,000 lbs. capacity two-post lift features low-profile/oversized pads with multiple extensions to raise most vehicles on the road today. Includes four (each) adapter extensions: 3.5″ and 5″. Integrating Spot-Rite™ 3-Stage Front Arm design, the DP10A features offset arms to accommodate vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically. This feature allows the technician to position the vehicle doors in front of or behind the column to prevent door damage.


  • Direct-Pull Lifting – high efficiency, low maintenance technology
  • Closed loop hydraulic system – preventing hydraulic contamination
  • Powder coat, oven baked finish – more durable than conventional coatings
  • Third party tested by ETL and certifed by ALI
  • Padded shut-off bar
  • Spring operated arm restraints, disengage at floor level
  • Low profile arms
  • Includes adjustable frame contact adapters.
  • Single point release lock in each column, resets on upstroke
  • Optional high rise and extended height available
  • Door Bumpers standard


Blue Forward 2 post lift

Forward BP9

Two Post Lift – BP9 | Symmetric Lift

Capacity: 9,000 lbs.

The BP9 9,000 lbs. capacity lift is perfect for customers who need a two-post lift and have low ceilings. The BP9’s overall height is 111 1/4 inches tall. That means it will fit, even if you have 10 foot ceilings. The BP stands for base plate indicated by the steel plate that run between the two columns of the lift. This plate protects the cables that would normally run overhead on any other two-post lift. This allows for shorter columns, hence the lower ceiling height requirement.

This is a commercial grade car lift and should not be confused with any other cheap two-post vehicle lift. This is a Forward Lift® so it has been engineered to perform and built to last!


  • Dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Low-Profile Threaded Adapters
  • Carriage latch system – engages every 3″
  • Secondary lock system includes a spring actuated slack chain locking device
  • Adapter extensions included
  • Powder coat, oven baked finish


Black Forward four post parking lift

Forward EFP8

Four Post Lift – EFP8

Capacity: 8,000 lbs.

8,000 lbs. capacity four-post lift, perfect for the home enthusiast.

Additional Features:

  • ALI/ETL Certified
  • Multi-position locks allow runways to be level at any lock position
  • Single point lock release
  • Includes steel approach ramps
  • Perfect for home use
  • Powder coat finish
  • Includes jack tray
  • Includes wheel caster kit
  • Includes drip trays


A warehouse full of vehicle lifts
A warehouse full of vehicle lifts

As you can see, our warehouse is full of lifts in stock waiting for their new owners.  We install lifts throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York’s Hudson Valley.  We are happy to ship lifts directly to you if preferred.  If you want one of our in stock lifts, give us a call!