Town of Waterford Public Works

HD In-Ground Lift, Lubrication System, Exhaust Capture, Compressed Air System 


MOD335 Installed

Ray-Jurgen Worked closely with the Town and General Contractor during the design phase to provide the best possible solutions for lifts, fluid dispensing system, vehicle exhaust and compressor that would meet the towns current needs and growing fleet.

We performed a vehicle survey to get an understanding of capacity, wheelbase dimensions and overall dimensions of the Town’s vehicles. We provided and installed a three piston MOD35 in ground lift that has the capacity and travel length to handle vehicles they could not lift safely before. We also provided a 10k two post lift for working on their fleet of smaller cars and trucks.

For the fluid dispensing system, we provided tanks based of the fluids and frequency of gallons needed and pumps based off 3gallons per minute delivery to any dispense fluid reel bank we installed in the facility.

For exhaust, we provided pendant operated exhaust hose reels stationed between the bay doors that will allow the mechanics to reach any vehicle bay.

Lastly, we provided an Air compressor and dryer sized to meet the demands of the shop equipment and tools.

MOD35 Pit Excavation & Preparation
Conduit from Console to Lift
MOD35 Floor Pour Preparation
Installing Innards MOD335