Town of Wethersfield

Heavy Duty In-Ground Lift


MOD235 Picking Up DPW Truck

The town garage had maxed out their old in-ground lift  on both capacity and wheel base. To begin, we performed a fleet survey.  The fleet survey enabled us to figure out the best possible lift option to support the Town’s growing fleet and be able to handle the Town’s fire vehicles. We proposed a MOD35 two piston lift to give the Town the capacity and the travel length options they needed to handle the vehicle wheel bases and capacity they required.

Ray-Jurgen decommissioned and excavated out the existing in-ground lift and installed the new modular, environmentally-contained in-ground lift and re-poured the floor to tie into their existing shop floor. We handled the full installation from saw cutting, excavation, concrete and mechanical installation for a complete operable lifting system.

In-Process Demo & Excavation
Fully Prepared Pit
Moving Front Lift Tub
Ray-Jurgen Technicians Levelling MOD235
MOD235 Base Pour
MOD235 Lifting Excavator