Rail Hoists

Helping Transit Agencies maintain their light and heavy rail systems 

The train is raised using the lifting cylinders
MBTA LRV on a train hoist

Rail hoists are critical pieces of equipment that enable transit agencies to perform needed maintenance and repairs to the rail vehicles.  We work closely with PKS Lifts to design, furnish, install, and service custom engineered high-pressure hydraulic rail hoist lifting systems focused on the transit rail industry. PKS has over 50 years of collective experience in the lift industry and has built a reputation for quality, safety, and delivering solutions tailored to the issue.

Our rail hoist options include:

      • In ground cylinder systems with body stands.  Options include:
        • Rotating cylinder heads
        • Retrofit into existing lift footprint to minimize construction work
      • Above ground hoisting systems
      • Turntables
      • Wheel Truck Lifts

    All PKS rail hoists are designed with high-pressure, low volume hydraulic lifting cylinders which offer significant benefits over traditional screw style rail hoists:

    • Self-lubricating means no need for greasing schedule
    • Reduced maintenance schedule, cost, and maintainer expertise
    • Minimal amount of oil per cylinder


All PKS rail hoists are also designed to be:

  • User Friendly – minimal obstruction between technicians and the rail equipment
  • Easy to Operate – color display showing all lifting and support cylinders’ status
  • Safe to use- redundant safety systems across electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical sub-systems
  • Built to Last – structural components warrantied for 25 years

The rotating H frames enable the wheel trucks to be moved to bogey tracks

Rotating cylinder heads remove the need for turntables to move wheel trucks for service.

Bottom view of an LRV on a rail hoist

In ground lifts maximize clear space under the vehicle to simplify maintenance and repair operations.

Side view of rail truck lift

Wheel truck lifts enable easy access to wheel trucks for maintenance and repairs.

We routinely work with Owners, Engineers, and General Contractors to design, configure, and deliver the optimal rail hoist system for any application.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help you and your facility or view some of our past projects to spark your imagination.

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