Rousseau Stationary and Mobile Tool Boxes

Optimize your Storage Space with Rousseau Stationary and Mobile Toolboxes!

Stationary Tool Boxes

You have the choice between the compact version, with a 100 lb. per drawer capacity or the heavy-duty version with a 400 lb. per drawer capacity.

The heavy-duty housing is available in 14 different dimensions and 10 tool drawer heights. The base is available in both painted and stainless steel. You can, therefore, use it as a stationary toolbox on its own, install it under the work surface, beside a GT workcenter or even create an entire wall of storage units!

As for the compact cabinet, it’s also available in several dimensions. In addition, the 6 drawer heights and numerous accessories available make it perfectly flexible for your many applications! Combined with a basic workstation, used on its own or stacked to create a larger storage unit, the compact cabinet will prove to be very useful indeed.

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Mobile Tool Boxes

Mobile Tool Boxes

Rousseau Mobile Tool Boxes can be easily configured according to your needs and can provide you with the security you’re looking for. Plus, they are among the most durable toolboxes currently on the market and have a very polished appearance making it easy for your business to reflect the image that you want to be identified with.

A wide range of housing and drawer dimensions, as well as a multitude of accessories, allow for a many configurations to be created with our heavy-duty toolboxes (400 lb. capacity per drawer) or compact toolboxes (100 lb. capacity per drawer).

Whatever you need, Ray Jurgen has the solution for keeping your tools close at hand!