Tools and Parts Storage in CT

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Parts Storage Solutions

Our line of service counter storage combines work surface with under-storage, providing for quick access to high turnover items. The number of accessories available lets you create the service counter that will best suit you.

Whether you choose a preconfigured model or create your own counter, Rousseau’s Parts Solutions will meet your needs! Standard available widths for service counters are: 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″, 120″ and 144″.

Are you looking for different dimensions? Our specialists are available to assist you in finding the perfect solution for you. Ask your Ray-Jurgen representative for more information.

Rousseau Shelves

Rousseau Shelves

You don’t have to deal with searching deep, poorly lit shelves and losing objects because of inadequate storage. Rousseau storage equipment with drawers (with a 400 lb. per drawer capacity), are the ideal solution for storing your small parts as well as high turnover items. They will allow you to store a large number of articles while keeping them all within easy reach and reducing picking time.

Drawers can be installed in Spider® shelving as well as more than 35 different brands of shelving available on the market. It is, therefore, possible to keep installations that are already in place while still taking advantage of considerable space gains.

Plus, with the many shelving and drawer accessories available from Rousseau, the number of configurations is limitless.

Rousseau Specialized Storage

Rousseau Specialized Storage

How do you store bumpers, windshields, batteries, tires and other parts of varying size and shape?

The solution is simple: with the help of Rousseau’s specialized storage units! Specialized storage units are available in a wide variety of dimensions and allow you to efficiently organize your parts and keep your parts department looking clean. We offer a complete system that adapts perfectly to your environment. The choice of bolted or welded uprights is also available. Adding accessories makes it easy for you to customize your system and create the perfect work environment!