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We’re pleased to carry the highest quality and most respected brands in the business.  Between Rotary Lift and Forward Lift, we can cover all customers from transit garages, to Public Works garages, to dealers to homeowners and hobbyists.  We can pick up any vehicle on the road with our options.


Founded in 1925 by Peter Lunati, Rotary Lift has a history of innovation in the vehicle lift business.  It is the most trusted lift manufacturer in the world and the go-to lift manufacturer for the industry for a very good reason.

A quick list of Rotary innovations:

  • 1925 – the first hydraulic lift
  • 1936 – the first self-contained electric power unit
  • 1958 – the first one-piece mechanical seal
  • 1973 – the first flip-up adapters
  • 1976- the first two post lift
  • 1985 – the first asymmetrical lift
  • 1995/2002 – modular, in-ground eco-safe light and heavy duty lifts introduced
  • 2015 – two post TRIO arms
  • 2018 – wireless controls for mobile column and HD in-ground lifts



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Forward Lift is a owned by Rotary Lift and is often a great option for hobbyists or lower volume shops.  When a Rotary Lift doesn’t make sense, a Forward Lift often does!  Forward has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing lifts.

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