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From lifts, to lubrication systems, to compressors and more.  Enjoy New England’s best installation experience!

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One of the Only Authorized Rotary Lift “Red Oval” installation teams in New England!

We are one of only three authorized Rotary Lift “Red Oval” Distributors in the entire Northeast region, recognized as a top-tier distributor that consistently meets Rotary’s stringent performance and service requirements.

Ray-Jurgen is your go-to for product installation because we offer three things nobody else can match:

Better People – our technicians are extremely well trained and know the product inside and out.  Rest assured that an expert is installing your equipment when you’re working with Ray-Jurgen.

Faster – we stock a large amount of equipment, which speeds the time from you signing off on a proposal to enjoying your new equipment.  Additionally, we have more technicians, a larger fleet, and more tools than anybody else in the region.  This equates to you getting your equipment installed on your timetable, not on a manufacturer’s build schedule or a freight company’s delivery timeframe.

No hassle – we keep things simple throughout the process.  Each piece of equipment is thoroughly checked in the shop before being transported to your site so that your operations are not unnecessarily disrupted multiple times due to missing parts.  There’s no upsell or fancy talk – just a simple recommendation after a conversation about your needs.

Installation Experience

We have an large and well-maintained vehicle fleet and additional support equipment including lift trucks, man lifts and equipment transport apparatus. We also carry a variety of lifts and other vehicle service equipment, and can get you your new equipment in a hurry.

Our own employees perform all installations, inspections and repairs. Our technicians review the installation plan with the customer prior to starting work so that the equipment is where you want it, how you want it.  Once it’s installed, you can expect top notch training on how to safely operate your new equipment.  Ray-Jurgen is bonded and insured for liability, so you can be sure we are a reliable and protected service provider.

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Installing Vehicle Service Equipment Since 1976

At Ray-Jurgen, we have been Recommending, Selling, Installing and Repairing Vehicle Service Equipment since 1976!

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